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I'm a UX and visual
design director.
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A selection of my portfolio is below, enjoy!

International Rescue Committee

I currently lead UX & visual design for digital content and comms at one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world.

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eXO Skin Simple

UX designer for leading-edge skincare brand with products featuring a breakthrough in exosome biology and next-gen natural ingredients.

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Creative director for a multi-channel retailer, providing new parents with a curated product selection needed for a new baby.

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Longevity Apothecary

Brand development, product packaging, web design and social media for a modern apothecary at a new wellness center in New York City.

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Brand refinement and landing page design for an executive coaching firm in Silicon Valley.

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Creative collaborator

"It's a rare gift to have a designer who feels like a real business partner in terms of solving problems and identifying pragmatic compromises and solutions. Alex does everything possible to bring new ideas to life. Her openness and ability to bring other people's ideas to fruition in real and dazzling ways is a very inspirational and positive force."
- Giselle Benatar
Senior Director of Digital Content, International Rescue Committee

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I currently lead UX and visual design for the International Rescue Committee, one of the largest and most impactful relief and aid organizations in the world. I am passionate about meaningful user experiences, clean visuals and deep engagement. Working with a diverse selection of clients and companies—from tech and e-commerce startups to large nonprofit and media organizations—I've been able to collect experiences across the design spectrum. My approach to design is to prioritize purpose, logic and subtle sophistication. I aim to explore and to try new things, testing creative limits to see what’s possible. Honest and open conversations work best for me, as does working collaboratively to move good ideas to great. Solving visual problems is incredibly rewarding. Art has always been my first love. When I’m not creating things on the computer, I experiment with other mediums including photography, sculpture and metal arts. I like meeting new people, so please say hello: