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giggle was a multi-channel retail brand for best-in-class baby and toddler products.

I served as Creative director from 2007 - 2012, and Art Director from 2005 –2007. During my tenure, I led all creative and branding initiatives for 16 retail stores, e-commerce website, and mail-order catalog. Throughout this intensive growth period, I also helped create sister brands for spin-off channels, giggleDeals and giggle baby, a JCPenney partnership, as well as a blog site and content site takeover called the Cradle. giggle unfortunately was closed in 2017.

Starting off as a designer of one, I grew in my role to manage a team of in-house designers and front-end developers, as well as managing our outsourced printers and product manufacturers. 

My digital focus at giggle was designing their e-commerce site (redesigned twice during my tenure) with multiple-shipment checkout, baby registry, product reviews, and editorial blogs (eCom platforms: Virid, Demandware, blog platform on Wordpress). Our first launch drove online revenue up 430% the first year and increasing sessions, conversion, average order size, and units per transaction substantially beyond pro forma. Much of the registry functionality was not available out of the box and had to be custom built. I also was responsible for the creation of all email marketing, social media and digital advertising.

Landing page for a new product launch on giggle 2.0

giggle's baby registry app

I oversaw the in-house design, photography and printing of our quarterly mail-order catalogs when they launched. I would also go on site, in Milwaukee, to ensure quality and correct color balance for the printing.

Another expanding area of responsibility was giggle's proprietary product lines and product packaging, including private-label bedding, apparel, gear, feeding, and spa lines. Developed giggle’s custom-packaging program (shopping bags, boxes, & gift wrap).

Managed visual design and production of window displays, in-store signage and product takeaways, site updates, and advertising/marketing materials.

Working closely with the CEO, I assisted in the selection of new-store fixtures, building materials, and designing the under-construction store wrappers. 

Developed and maintained the brand style guides.